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Having some trouble with effects of increased mindfulness throughout the day, could use some perspective.

2022.01.23 12:23 TheBreakRoom Having some trouble with effects of increased mindfulness throughout the day, could use some perspective.

tldr; Increased mindfulness is having the inverse effect of distracting me from living life. I think I just need a little perspective.
I have been meditating for just short of a month now. I have always been fairly self-aware of my thoughts, however before meditation my reaction was to resist negative thoughts and stress over why I was having them. Meditation helped with this, just being aware of them and accepting that I'm having them, and letting them pass through.
The first ~10-15 sessions were very helpful, and when I caught myself running away with stressful thoughts in my daily life, I could recognize it and bring myself back to the present and continue on.
However as I've become more and more mindful throughout the day I find myself over-fixated on being mindful. Even in positive experiences I recognize my mind enjoying something and have that realization, and bring myself to the present, that I'm just a guy on a couch watching a video and it kind of ruins it for me. Almost like breaking the 4th wall on myself.
On the other side, often times when I'm just casually enjoying my day I'll have a mindfulness moment "What am I thinking about?" that turns into "Should I be thinking about that?" then I think well I certainly should not start thinking about negative thoughts, which inevitably makes me think of negative thoughts.
So I'm finding that being hyper-aware of what my brain is thinking is not only pulling me away from positive mindsets, but it's pulling me from neutral mindsets down to negative ones.
I know the problem is I'm overanalyzing on multiple fronts, but I am having a hard time finding the proper direction to stop doing that. I think I just need a little perspective. I know this is a long process and skill that takes time to develop.
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2022.01.23 12:23 RobGodMode H: 150k 5mm W: 20k caps

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2022.01.23 12:23 s3zle Damn I remember when I was 15 on this sub and I was making friends with 13 year olds

Now that I'm almost 17 and I would never even talk to someone under the age of 15
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2022.01.23 12:23 MustacheMan64 Custom Firmware file size?

Hi I am new to 3d printing as well as to this subreddit. My question is how big should the compiled firmware bin file be? My ender 3 pro has the noisy creality v4.2.2 board. I compiled my custom firware using vscode with the platformio plugin and it has 153kb. Is that too much? Do I need to turn off some functions in the code and if so what should the size of the firmware bin file be? I do not want to brick my first 3d printer.
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2022.01.23 12:23 PowerfulCr0w 'Parcel handed to resident'

Not true. I was in the house, got the notification that it was handed to me and there is no parcel anywhere. What are my options?
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2022.01.23 12:23 NotJoking777 Has God ever punished you? For the Bible says that the Lord disciplines the ones he loves.

I'll start then. I was punished at least twice by I think God. I'll just share the first time though since the second is still too hard to talk about.
I was moving to Las Vegas when I was a young adult and I started thinking to myself, "I'm going to start hooking up with random women now" "I don't like being a virgin anymore and I'm going to lose my virginity" "First girl I date I'll have sex with".
Well anyways I met this girl around my age and she was a little shorter than me and had an accent because she was from the Philippines. She seemed to have a good personality and we got along. I asked her out for ice cream and we went and then things moved real fast and she ended up at my place and we were making out and she gave me head. For some reason I couldn't finish and just thought I must be tired so told her that.
Next day I google her name online and I see all this weird stuff about male to female transgender, I didn't even really understand what that was at the time. Anyways turns out she was born a male and I had just let a dude give me head. And made out with a dude. No wonder I couldn't finish, because my body knew what I was doing was an abomination but my mind was totally tricked.
The way I met this person and how I ended up with him was all too coincidental that I think God set me up. He knew what I was planning on doing and said "Oh yea, we'll see how that works out for you". And he punished me deeply.
Ever since then I haven't even been able to meet a girl again or kiss one, I still have shell shock. I've been asexual now for quite a while although I still masturbate on occasion.
Has there been anything in your life where you feel like God taught you a lesson?
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2022.01.23 12:23 BlackRoseKing 脱サラし月面探査車開発「NASA」の目にとまった訳 - きっかけは直接送った探査車の「YouTube」動画

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2022.01.23 12:23 SandOxWich Oh god oh fuck

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2022.01.23 12:23 saiyen8383 Check out my video! #Dota2 | Captured by #Outplayed

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2022.01.23 12:23 ampt1 Foot pain

So, I've just bought a pair of DMs, model 1490. They seem to fit fine lengthwise, but the upper part of my foot (I believe it is called the bridge) hurts like hell. Is this normal or have I bought a number too small? Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.23 12:23 Mangledspangle Quick Question

If i create a variable in create event in code in one object and then create a variable in another object with the same name will it count as the same variable and affect both of them or will it only affect each object separately? ///Variables
move = 0//0st , 1u, 2r, 3d, 4l
movetime = 60//30 steps means one second . -=1
attack = 0

i have this code here for my enemy ai and i want to use it for my passive Creature so just wanted to find out if i'll have to change the name of the variables for the new object as to not affect my enemy's code or will it not affect the enemies code in any way? Thanks in Advance.
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2022.01.23 12:23 zy8ty8 Test Submission

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2022.01.23 12:23 hornyfornezuko3 Putita hermosa

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2022.01.23 12:23 Litkid_05 YABER Y21 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector 9000L Upgrad Full HD Projector, ±50° 4D Keystone Function Support 4k/Zoom, Home&Outdoor Projector Compatible TV Stick/HDMI/VGA/USB/iPhone/Android/Laptop/PS4 etc - SAVE:$330.60 (70%) PRICE:$140

YABER Y21 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector 9000L Upgrad Full HD Projector, ±50° 4D Keystone Function Support 4k/Zoom, Home&Outdoor Projector Compatible TV Stick/HDMI/VGA/USB/iPhone/Android/Laptop/PS4 etc - SAVE:$330.60 (70%) PRICE:$140 submitted by Litkid_05 to AllElectronicsDeals [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 12:23 Hi_Im_Fanja If we get a click caffee i will riot if i dont get croisshark with my coffee

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2022.01.23 12:23 Arschgeige42 Avoid road feature usable when using online router

Hi there,
online routing services seems not to care about roads thet marked to be avoided. Is Osmand unable to provide this info to osrm and co.?
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2022.01.23 12:23 BryGuy1104 In your opinion, what are the best and worst live Phish shows?

I know that best/worst are relative, however I am curious what people think.
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2022.01.23 12:23 chrissmokesss FS, BIN prices in caption, PayPal invoice only, message me for questions or info

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2022.01.23 12:23 PM_ME_KITTIES_N_TITS Blade Runner 2049 proved wholeheartedly, mathmatically, physiologically, without a doubt as to the status of Deckard as a replicant or human.

Replicants are organic androids. They are robots made of flesh and blood and bone. They were built from the ground up to be facsimiles, to be visual representations of humans. Not human blood or DNA. Replicants aren't the same species.
Genetically speaking, humans could absolutely NOT reproduce with a replicant. The DNA would NOT combine with human DNA. We have no idea if they even have the same length of genome, if the code for their hair is the same spot as the for their dick. They don't have human DNA. We don't know if they even have chromosomes. So one in a lab had to manually design their organs in code.
I've been told that 'because they're made to be as close to humans as possible, they should be able to mate'. No, because that's not how DNA works. If they were that close, then they'd just be clones that's re genetically enhanced.
When DNA tries to copy, it literally splits apart and rebuilds itself. If things don't match up, it just wouldn't work, due to the way that GACT (the nucleotides) interact. You can't just mishmash things together. It won't work.
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2022.01.23 12:23 International-Fun485 A 15-year old whose NFT art sales over the past year are now worth $1 million breaks down how he did it.

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2022.01.23 12:23 PlzDieThxBye If I had a dollar for every time a girl told me I was unattractive, they’d eventually find me attractive.

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2022.01.23 12:23 therealYuNarukami The 25th Anniversary acrylic stands are a tad smaller than I had initially thought.

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2022.01.23 12:23 OmarAdel123 Looking for teammates

Hello everyone! I plan to play the game tomorrow online, anyone want to join on ps4 ?
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2022.01.23 12:23 Minirub pito chico

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2022.01.23 12:23 vanorah Attempted to adopt a dog from a shelter with my partner, which attacked us after the first day in our home. Now I can't forget the incident and feel fear upon thinking of adopting another one.

Me and my partner have wanted a dog for some months, neither of us have had one before so we are both first time dog owners with very basic knowledge of it. My brother has owned an American Staffordshire pitbull for 6 years, and has had her since she was a tiny puppy so she has been raised right and with training has grown to be a very kind and loving lady who who would never hurt a fly.
Me and my partner decided to check out this animal shelter, and he had seen from their page a ''2 year old'' pitbull/labrador named Love who seemed sweet. The post was 2 years old though so we figured out he must be 4 years old now. We went there to meet the dog and talk to the shelter, they said we should go there at least 3 times to meet him and take him for a walk and get to know him before adopting him. All nice and good, he was quite happy to see us every time. He wasn't very keen on playing with toys, mostly wanted treats and walks.
The 4th time we went to meet him we decided to adopt him. I was skeptical cause I kept reading articles about the mix of breeds, that they need experienced owners. And also the fact that he was 3-4 years old and from a shelter, I kept thinking he might have past trauma from other families.
At the shelter they didn't tell us any info on his history, only that he growled to the kid of the one family and that he made ''jealousy scenes'' to another couple that had tried to adopt him. They made it seem like he was a misunderstood dog and that these people didn't know what they were doing.
So me and my boyfriend thought these people might have overreacted, and gave the dog back for small things.
On the day of adoption I sat on the back seat holding him, he only wore a collar and a leash. He was calm but started getting panicky and eventually threw up. I kept petting him and holding him and he was okay with it. We took him for a walk and then introduced him to his new home. We had made a nice little spot for him and had some toys beside.(we wanted to get a crate too but hadn't yet) We gave him a tour of the house and when he did things he was not allowed to we gently gave him commands which he was very good to follow immediately, which were followed by treats. We felt so happy, he was so calm and cooperative and good. One thing I noticed though is that when my partner petted him he would wag his tail with him, while with me he barely ever wagged his tail. Anyway, it was night and he went to sleep in his bed, we had our bedroom door open all night and he didn't bother us even once, and neither did he destroy anything while we were asleep nor touch anything apart from his stuff.
The next morning came, my boyfriend took him for a walk and everything was good. When they came back I waited a while then said hi to both and petted the dog, which was close to me and let me pet him a long time. Then we approached his bowl to put food in it. I noticed when I looked at the dog he showed me his teeth. Then he did the same to my boyfriend and growled. Neither of us had ever heard the dog -bark, growl or show any type of aggression at all.
He ate then they sat together and my boyfriend was petting him on his belly and he was super relaxed on the floor. I was in the kitchen making breakfast, and as I was cutting a banana I though I could give a small piece to the dog. I approached them both calmly and was gonna reach out to Love to give him the banana (I know they are supposed to follow a command to get a treat but I didn't think it would matter for one time).
And that's it. He turned into Cujo and fully threw himself on me, barking biting, the whole thing. He tore the robe I was wearing. I got completely terrified, turned my back on the dog and stepped further away in sheer panic. My boyfriend acted immediately and went to grab him and calm him down. The dog listened to him and stopped everything. I was fortunately not hurt partly because I was wearing thick layers and partly because I think the dog wanted mostly to scare me and not exactly hurt me.
I work from home and so does my boyfriend so I sat on my computer to work, trying to stop the tears and trying not to have any contact, eye or physical or anything with the dog because I felt like if I looked him in the eyes or made any move towards him he would attack me. (I don't have an office/room for work my desk is in the living room where the dog's bed also was).
While I was working, my boyfriend was playing with him lightly and sometimes giving him commands. At one point he brought the dog's blanket that I had washed from the balcony, it was the one he had thrown into when we were in the car. He put it on his bed and told him to go to his bed to sit. The dog barked and growled at him but didn't do anything else.
Then on my lunch break, after eating in the kitchen with closed door, I was going to sit beside my boyfriend in the living room on the couch. I sat on the other side from the dog and still didn't make any eye contact with it nor did I approach it or anything. And as he approached me on his own to smell me he _immediately_ attacked me without ANY warning or reason at all. Maybe he could smell the fear and tension and whatever, I don't care but I didn't give him any reason to attack me. He had the same explosion as the first time he attacked me but only worse this time, my boyfriend immediately attempted to protect me and the dog bit him instead. I was mildly scratched by his teeth but utterly terrified by this sudden unexplained attack, and my boyfriend now also quite scared had gotten mild bruises one of which bled a little.
We eventually locked him out on the balcony until a person from the shelter came 2 hours later to take him.
Now I've never had problem with dogs, I also think that the bigger the dog the kinder and calmer they are. I find smaller dogs pretty neurotic. But now I can't shake these images off my head of the dog being totally okay one moment and the other attacking me and growling manically at me like I did something horrible to him. I feel now like if I get a dog they will suddenly snap without a warning and hurt me. I know it's not going to be like this but I would appreciate any advice on the topic...
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