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I’ve hit the koibito on Mitsuya, does someone know for how much I can offer the trim service?
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Looking to pick up a mostly built PC for my buddy who's upgrading from a i-5 6500 and GTX 970.
Could spend up to $500 or so on a full build minis GPU. Willing to take offers on bundles that may be missing some components.
Don't need a GPU, but would entertain offers that have them included.
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Hi everyone, I’m currently in the process of designing a one-shot for two players. What are some monsters that would work well with only two players?
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I have a View Loader Highvoltage that I recently restored and got working again. The one issue is that the feedneck is so skinny any hopper besides old school view loaders fit in it. I wanted to use my HK speed on it, does anyone have any suggestions on an adapter or insert that I could use on the feedneck so regular hopppers can fit?
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Hey guys. I started the game today and it’s near impossible to play as Predator. I waited like 10 minutes and still can’t get into a game. It’s pretty boring to play as fireteam coz the NPC enemies are so weak. Will the developers improve the matchmaking system? Thanks.
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2022.01.23 13:15 Odovakar Fates: was the story as bad as people say? Part 9: Hidden Truths

Hello chaps!
I know I said I would go for the supports next, but after reading through a lot of supports and trying to structure the analysis in some satisfactory way, I realized how little of value I said about the supports. There are so many supports and I can't go in-depth for all of them. I could, of course, try and find all the most important ones, but I'd also want to analyze the ones that best show characterization, yet that'd lead to a question of subjectivity.
That's not to say I won't talk about supports at all. I've got a few general points I want to make, but I will do so in the wrap-up to conclude this analysis series. Before that, however, I'd like to talk about the two pieces of story-driven DLC for Fates: Hidden Truths and Heirs of Fate. You could consider them mini campaigns. Let's begin, shall we?
Hidden Truths map 1
I know I haven't mentioned it in this series until now, but Inigo, Owain, and Severa showed up in the main routes of Fates under different names. This DLC explains how they found themselves in a different world, and Intelligent Systems assures you those three placing the highest (barring Lucina) among the second gen in an Awakening popularity contest is purely a coincidence and not at all cynical pandering.
Hidden Truths starts with the Awakening trio about to head to the world of Fates, having already met up with a seemingly sane Anankos. Or, I think he's supposed to be sane, but he immediately says Inigo, Owain, and Severa will need to change their hair colors, clothes, and names so that no one will recognize them in the world of Fates. I'm not sure who he expects would recognize people in another world, but, uh, really? Clothes? Can't they just buy some new outfits once they get there? It's not like any in the trio wears anything distinctly unique that would only be associated with them, surely.
Anankos confirms Inigo's belief that this will be very dangerous and that the place they're going to is a "world of choices and consequences", to which I ask: is he talking about Corrin's choice here? Why? And if he's not, why talk like this? At this point Anankos doesn't even know Corrin is in Nohr, and unless I'm missing something he would therefore not expect Corrin to make any choice between their adoptive families. Do people in Fates just...make more choices than people in other Fire Emblem worlds?
Severa goes on to say:

Severa: But we finally achieved peace here! I can't go DYING before I've had time to enjoy it!
Which is the first major problem I personally have with the excuse of bringing the trio into Fates that I haven't seen discussed much: they're doing this even before the prospect of a reward. They had just traveled back in time to save the world, achieved peace after losing their childhoods and parents to Grima, and now they're going to go help save a world they've got no connection to because a guy asked? When I've asked why they would do this, people have suggested that growing up like they did, they became restless and couldn't settle, but, like...that's not what the dialogue says. It's pure speculation that seems to be, well, flat out wrong.
They accept Anankos quest, of course, and the conversation goes on:
Owain: And the first thing out of your mouth was, "Please save my kingdom!" Even though you wouldn't tell us more, that certainly got our attention.
I see asking for help in the worst possible way is a trait that runs in the family.
Inigo: Yeah, the most we could get out of you was when and where to meet you. "If you trust me, follow this map and meet with me on the night of the next full moon." It was all kinds of mysterious! How could we refuse?
Anankos: I am sorry for keeping you in the dark.
Severa: Meh, no worries. But there's one thing I still don't understand... Why did we have to travel all this way to another CONTINENT to get more info?! You realize most people wouldn't be able to manage that, right?
Anankos: Haha, I am sorry about that too. Still, you all came, nonetheless.
Bruh. I'm guessing all three of them were unemployed and had nothing better to do after Grima was defeated.
Anankos reveals he knows they come from the future and killed Grima in the past. Before he can explain how, they are attacked by invisible chaps from Valla.
Owain: What are those things?! Zombies? Risen?!
Inigo: No, I don't think so. We can sense them, but we can't see them. They clearly intend to kill us. But why?
So that's the third reference to "sensing" something in Fates now, I believe. Camilla sensed something was "out of this world" with Garon in Revelation, Azura could sense something being wrong in Valla, and now Inigo says they can sense the invisible blokes. Question: why was this never mentioned in the main routes when fighting them? Wouldn't it be kind of a problem to fight people you couldn't see and only "sense"? If it's not a problem, then why have them be invisible in the first place?
The battle begins, and the trio all have conversations with each other which are pretty nice and establishes who they are very well, but it's nothing we didn't see in Awakening. I do think though that Owain's reaction to his Brand being hidden is a nice attention to detail and I appreciate the callback to Lissa being worried over not having one. Severa also confirms she packed a lot of clothes though so I'm not sure why Anankos felt the need to give her new ones...
They beat back the Valla soldiers and start asking Anankos questions. However, Anankos mentions the Valla curse and how he would die if he talked about Valla. We've already dissected the curse at length and how poorly it's explained, used, and how little sense it makes, so I'll just add that I think it's odd that it even applies to Anankos, weaker of the two halves or not.
Keep in mind Inigo, Owain, and Severa traveled to a different country, fought against invisible soldiers, and are now preparing to travel to a different world all because they thought a guy shouting "save my kingdom!" needed help. So, let's move on to the rewards.
Anankos: I am sorry for the secrecy. As an apology, allow me to reward you three in advance. What sorts of things do humans like... Longevity? Eternal beauty? Incomparable wealth?
The trio is stunned by this but really take the whole Anankos being a god thing in stride. They decline this offer, and after Anankos says he can't revive the dead, they say they want the land in their original timeline to be blossoming again and for there to be tombstones where the people died. I don't think the writers quite understand what this insinuates; the trio, and their friends, traveled back in time and abandoned their timeline, since it still exists. I think a drama CD explains the second generation Awakening units were the only ones left alive when they left, but if you haven't listened to it, you wouldn't know that. As far as the average player who also played Awakening knows the Risen will destroy the new flowers immediately.
I understand they can't ask for something like what Anankos offers, and since they're heroes they have to ask for something suitably heroic even if it means they'll never see it, and I do get where the writers are coming from, but this never sat well with me. Perhaps it's the ease with which Anankos makes this offer, or how easily he fulfills their request (producing tombstones in another timeline seems like such a bizarre power), or perhaps it's even that Anankos never says he can't both fulfill their wish and give them some other boon. He technically only granted one wish, so do they have two remaining? I don't know about you but when a benevolent god-dragon who can travel to other worlds and cast spells which affect different timelines wants to reward his little assistants, I think there need to be some kind of rules or limitations that explain why he doesn't give them more boons. Yes, he later says his power is waning at the end of this DLC, but look at how casually he restores their world and offers them both incredible tangible and intangible rewards; that doesn't sound like someone lacking in power.
Anankos: When I blessed your world...I sensed the presence of a certain tactician. I set up a grave for that person and those they were closest to. Though their bodies are long gone, I felt it was the right thing to do. And just now... I heard their voices.
In addition to geography just being suggestions in Fates, now timelines and death are also just minor obstacles to having a chat.
Anankos then gives them each a crystal ball which can return them to Ylisse, either the current timeline or the future they came from. However, it can only be used once. Question: why does he only give them one each? If I had a nickle for every time Fates made use of crystal balls as poorly explained plot devices, I'd have two nickles, which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice.
I also wonder why they would go to a place where everyone is dead. Severa is almost tempted by it, and - sorry for my personal opinions getting a little too obvious again - it bothers me as someone who has played Awakening that she would consider ditching everyone in the Shepherds just so she can leave flowers at a grave, especially after she just made sure her old world became beautiful again for the sake of the ones who have died. Did the relationships forged in Awakening mean nothing?
Anankos: Yes. It is taboo for humans to travel through time as it is. Even I do not have the power to break this rule anymore than I already have. That the god of this world had the power to transport so many of you... leaves me in awe.
"Taboo for humans"? What taboo is this, and among who? Dragons? I mean they seem fine with breaking it given Awakening and Fates. Also, why is Anankos in awe over Naga's ability to send more people back in time? Heirs of Fates shows Anankos is some kind of menace for all possible worlds, and he's got the power to make tombstones in other timelines so that's also kind of a neat power. I think.
Owain hypes them up and they get ready to leave. The scene changes to the evil Anankos ordering Lilith to kill them when they arrive. So ends the first map.
Hidden Truths map 2
Our heroes arrive in Valla. Anankos makes it clear that "hardly anything dwelling here is alive anymore", which just makes me wonder why Valla was "restored" with land donations at the end of Revelation, as it clearly wasn't for a large number of people still alive in that country.
He goes on to explain how he gifted the humans of Valla with "knowledge and longevity" and how he lived among them, being especially close with a long line of great kings. One day he started feeling his mind slipping to the series-wide dragon degeneration and an urge to destroy Valla despite loving it emerged. Knowing he'd one day be truly lost, Anankos created a song to weaken himself.
Anankos: Singing this song weakened the power and destructive urges of the dragon. However... Only those with the same ancient blood could unlock the song's power. That alone was not enough, as a fragment of his Dragonstone was also required. To ensure this world's safety, the dragon increased his blessings of power over time. He bestowed this gift upon each generation of the royal family, and them alone. He did so hoping one day, when the time came, they might be able to stop him. Sadly, the final king in that royal line was killed before he could sing the song.
I've asked this before, but why didn't Anankos just kill himself? He clearly feared what he would become and deviced a needlessly complicated plan only a few people would be able to pull off (who would also need to remember the lyrics and have access to what one can only assume is a very rare stone). It might sound callous, but it's a pretty obvious question that should probably be the first to be answered, especially in a game where another ancient dragon kills himself to preserve the world he loves, meaning one out of two ancient dragons you meet in Fates does commit suicide, setting a precedence.
Anankos continues to explain how he eventually destroyed a forest in a fit of rage. Nobody died, but it turned the people against him. He flew away and grew to hate humans, and only the royal family continued to believe in him while trying to calm the people who wanted to kill the dragon down. It was no use, however, as Anankos eventually killed the king in another fit of rage and then became truly insane, but not before tearing off a part of his soul which eventually became the Anankos chatting it up with the Awakening trio right now.
Anankos: I am sorry. Please give me a moment to compose myself. Now is not the time for sorrow. I must finish telling you my story. After breaking free from my former body, I lost all of my memories. I wandered aimlessly for an indeterminable amount of time, lost in shadows. The one who saved me was the Vallite queen's younger sister, Mikoto. Over time, she and I fell in love. Eventually, she gave birth to our child.
Well, that's one way to say Corrin is Anankos' child. Again though, this raises some questions, chiefly how could they do this while bad boy Anankos was ravaging Valla? Keep in mind Mikoto came to Hoshido with Corrin already born, and by this point Anankos has begun destroying Valla. This means that they met, fell in love, and had a kid while a mad god was running amok.
...Also, a dragon soul can procreate with humans?
Anyway, Anankos says he got back his memories right as Valla fell to complete ruin and then helped Mikoto flee, together with Arete. Keep in mind we know Mikoto has been in Hoshido earlier, so she's always known how to get out of Valla. Why didn't they do that before? Also, why did Arete end up in another kingdom?
Anankos also says he asked Mikoto to never talk about him with Corrin. Allegedly it's because he doesn't want Corrin to know their father killed an entire nation, but that's a pretty weak excuse that masks the real reason: money. Oh, not Anankos' money, but Intelligent Systems'. Easier to sell or justify the DLC this way.
...Just putting it out there that two out of three Corrin daddies are nation-destroyers, and the third killed their mother. I'm pretty sure Corrin could handle knowing about their connection to Anankos. I mean they're "related" to half the world already it seems.
When Anankos' powers returned, he saw a vision of the Awakening cast killing Grima, which is how he decided to recruit them. That is awfully convenient and makes you wonder if he also saw Julia killing Julius or Alm killing Duma. You'd think he'd go for the people with the most stylish finish.
The exposition continues.
Anankos: Now that you have heard my tale, you must listen carefully. The knowledge you've acquired today cannot be spoken outside of Valla. Anyone who speaks of such things elsewhere will vanish.
"Cannot be spoken outside of Valla". Please keep that in mind.
Anankos: Now, for the task I wish to ask of you. First, I'll need you to travel to the kingdom of Hoshido.
Severa: Hoshido? That's outside of Valla, I'm guessing?
Anankos: You're very sharp, Severa. Yes, it is. Hoshido is one of the two great kingdoms outside of Valla. It's where Mikoto fled to. I'm sure she would be happy to offer safe harbor to all of you. I want you to accompany our child in a quest to obtain the five divine weapons. Once you have them, I trust that fate will somehow lead you back to this land. When you return here, I want you to defeat defeat the beast I have become.
Alright, so the trio now has their mission. "Grab the five legendary weapons". No names, no locations, and "fate will somehow lead you back to this land". That is vague.
The trio hesitate to agree to killing Anankos, but are interrupted by Lilith, who to Anankos' surprise states she's "King" Anankos' daughter and that the human Anankos is a fake.
Anankos: Impossible! The wicked dragon that is my former self fathered a child?!
We're on so many levels of Fates writing right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Lilith says Corrin is in Nohr now and Anankos deduces they've been kidnapped to be used as a pawn. Our heroes attack Lilith, but their attacks do nothing. Anankos tells them to teleport back to their world with the crystal balls, as his powers are weaker than he thought and that the other Anankos having created a daughter is bad news for the world. Yes, really.
The Awakening trio refuses and tells Anankos to believe in them instead, like they believe in him. Anankos then powers up the trio and gives them their Fates names (do you think he had made up his mind about those beforehand or did he think of them on the spot? Severa kind of got the short end of the stick). Their attacks now hurt Lilith, who summons Vallite soldiers. It's almost time for the player to start, well, playing, but not before Anankos explains Dragon Veins and offers his blood to the trio - enough power to last a few years. I'm assuming they didn't have this power by the time the main story of Fates begins because a few years have passed by then, but why do they look exactly the same after all that time? Also, did they plan on staying that long? In Nohr?
They beat Lilith's troops but she summons more. Anankos teleports them away to Nohr and tells them to show off their skills to become royal retainers in order to find Corrin.
With them gone, only Anankos and Lilith remain, but the latter can't bring herself to kill the former, and she begins breaking down and cry after good boi Anankos calls her his beloved daughter. This leads Lilith to calling the good Anankos "Father", which prompts the bad Anankos to try and kill her, but good Anankos blocks the spell and sacrifices himself for Lilith.
Lilith cries and decides to leave Valla, which will make her lose most of her powers. She says she'll go visit the "astral dragons" for aid and then that she'll protect their sibling Corrin even if they'll never know she's their sister. Evil Anankos holds another evil speech and then stutters that he'll wait for the trio and Lilith/Corrin to come kill him.
Question: who are the astral dragons and how does Lilith know about them if she was recently created to be nothing but a tool to evil Anankos? Also, why wouldn't she want Corrin to know they're related?
The DLC then ends with a little epilogue of sorts.
The Silent Dragon, once the dragon of wisdom, went completely mad...He lost his ability to reason, to love, as well as his soul for all of eternity. This is the story that remains hidden to you...the fated hero. The story of your father, who ruled over a silent kingdom...The story of your sister, who lives close yet keeps her distance...You will never learn the truth about either of them. Yet the adventure continues...
I'm sorry for the unprofessionalism again, but what on earth is this? Why is this here? Why would they taunt us with Corrin never finding out about Lilith or Anankos being related to them? Do they think it's some kind of poetic tragedy? Because all I'm left with is the question of why they would do this and why they'd think it was a good idea to not have Corrin's true family matter in a game supposedly about family mattering. They don't even pull the tried and true "you're not my real family; my real family is the people who care about me" or anything.
So, let's finish this post with an epilogue of our own: let's discuss Lilith and the trio.
The Awakening trio
I've already brought up how it feels deeply cynical of Intelligent Systems to include these three and how poorly motivated their initial reason for accepting this mission is. However, that pales in comparison to how utterly bizarre their presence in Fates becomes after this DLC.
So, they were teleported to Nohr and became royal retainers and then...nothing. Based on the comment about the dragon blood, they've been in Nohr for years at the start of the story since they can't activate Dragon Veins in-game. You could argue they're just hiding their abilities, to which I say it'd a really strange decision to have Anankos say the effect will last for years if that is the case.
But then we get to the meat of the problem: what have the actually done during their stay in Nohr by the time tthe game starts? Not talked to Corrin as much as they should have, that's for sure, and neither have they looked up information about the legendary weapons. In fact, it seems as though they've forgotten about their mission in its entirety. They never say anything about it, even in Revelation when they're free to talk about the information Anankos gave them - remember, he only said they can't talk about it outside of Valla because of the curse. Once they're inside, they remain silent.
So why is this the case? Well, I think that's easy: if the Awakening trio had been active in trying to get Corrin to Valla, we wouldn't have three routes, and Azura's plot relevance would've completely disappeared outside of her ability to sing the song (which is only as useful and powerful as the plot needs it to be). The question then becomes who thought it was a good idea to have a DLC set up the trio as an important factor in the main story when they're anything but.
We're not done. Remember the orbs? The Awakening trio could have, at any point, returned home, but didn't. In Birthright, Inigo is more interested in protecting Xander than he is trying to get the two to work together to stop Anankos, and unlike Owain and Severa he can die in this route. But what's worse is Conquest, in which the Awakening trio, which has spent their entire lives fighting against Grima, participate in the destruction of an innocent nation rather than trying to save it or even just calling quits on the mission.
Speaking of calling quits, in the characters' epilogues, they're stated to just vanish after the war, presumably returning home. This happens in both Birthright and Conquest as well, meaning that in two out of three routes, they simply fail, ditch the world of Fates and head home despite knowing there's a big world-ending dragon waiting to destroy the world.
In short, the cynical move to include Inigo, Owain and Severa in Fates was made despite it making zero sense, and the DLC makes them come across as idiotic and incompetent. The only way I can make sense of this is if the DLC was written before the main routes were finished, and the routes were subject to so many cuts that whatever part the trio was planned to have was removed, but even that doesn't answer all the questions that pop up from this DLC.
Lilith gets my vote for the strangest character in all of Fire Emblem. She's the asexually produced spawn of evil Anankos, technically making her Corrin's sister. Why did Anankos make her? We don't know. What did she do when she served him? We don't know. All we know is she was treated as a tool and Lilith, despite having known nothing but cruelty growing up in a dead world, is apparently a super nice and sensitive soul.
When she flees, she goes to the "astral dragons" who we never see or or hear about again outside of a line or two by Lilith. Who are they? Are they the reason why Lilith's dragon form looks so different? But why is that; does their help change Lilith's dragon form (if she had one before)?
They do mention her powers waning if she leaves Valla (and that the same would apply to even the evil Anankos), but would that change what kind of dragon she can turn into? Also, why would she lose her powers? I mean Mikoto could keep that 24/7 country-wide no-fighting barrier up in Hoshido seemingly without effort. If Mikoto's powers came from Anankos, what with her being part of the royal Vallite family and all that, wouldn't they also disappear outside of Valla?
And what of her relationship with Corrin? Well, she goes to the astral dragons, then in her dragon form slams into a window where Corrin lives. The protagonist then thinks Lilith is a bird, then at some point she turns into a human and serves her sibling as a maid.
So, to summarize: Lilith starts as a villain spawned from the evil Anankos, turns good, goes to their sibling, and decides to serve them as their maid while never explaining their relationship or that she's actually a fish-dragon daughter of god.
My question is simple: why? Why give Lilith all of these bizarre traits and this convoluted backstory if none of it will matter in the main story? Again, not even in Revelation does she say a word about this.
Despite trying to flesh out Anankos and answer some questions like why Awakening characters serve the Nohrian family, the DLC sort of makes things more confusing and raises many questions. By this point you're probably sick of hearing me say that questions in Fates are rarely asked, and that attempts at explaining something often just produce more questions, but I repeat that point so often because it's a constant throughout Fates' story, and an important one at that. I'm not trying to be nitpicky or pick low-hanging fruits, I'm asking what I think are some of the absolute most basic questions which Fates fails to answer, like "why did the trio not do or say anything of value in the main plot if they knew about Anankos, Corrin, and the legendary weapons?".
Thank you for reading! Next up is the Heirs of Fate DLC, and the post after that will likely be the final one. How time flies!
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2022.01.23 13:15 topman20000 Is my father being crucial about our situation, or is he being manipulative with mine? Am I wrong to have my current mindset?

At the moment, my family is in trouble financially.
We are currently a family of all adults living under the same roof. My parents own two properties, and over 200 K in retirement savings. But we also have debts. Most of those debts were serviced by mom through her income as an insurance litigator.
But over the last two years we have run into crisis. In October 2020 my dad had both a cardiac arrest and a stroke. And two weeks before Christmas 21, my mom also suffered a stroke. As a result, she has finally thrown in the towel on her legal work. Without her bacon, supposedly we are doomed to lose everything according to dad.
He has argued that because we are in hard times, we are not able to Buy our own houses and increase our equity as we pay down our mortgages. So instead he believes we should contribute to the family in order to earn shares of the property, which he believes could be used as collateral for our own financial ventures. The bank has recently appraised our house for $300k more than what they purchased it for.
His proposal ideally seems reasonable. Everybody in the family has a job, and provides $1000 a month towards this pool. Plus with the income from another property our grandma owns, And a measure of thriftiness, according to him “ we might keep our estate intact, and growing for a couple decades”.
All of this seems reasonable from a logical standpoint. Except there are some factors against it.

  1. My older brother was working until fairly recently, so that now his girlfriend (whom we are considering as part of the family because of her residence under our roof and her relationship with him) is now holding down two manager positions at two different pharmacies in town. I believe he should cut whatever losses he has and go back to work somehow. I do not know why he dropped his previous jobs. He is an extremely intelligent person, and he could very well hold down a job where I work, either as a security guard, or as an administrator.
  2. My younger sister won’t motivate to get a job. She used to work as a barista, but now she spends her time at home. I don’t know what she does for any kind of income if any at all. But she is at home to take care of my parents. I currently work as a bar back for an Indian casino, and I have continuously tried to encourage her to apply for a position with us, but she won’t listen, and uses the excuse of taking care of mom and dad to get out of it.
  3. I currently work as a bar back for our local Indian casino. I net A little over $900 biweekly with deductions going towards health benefits, Social Security and my 401(k). But I also have a student loan I’m trying to pay off, and I’m trying to bag the last few thousands of dollars in savings to make a full principal payment on it this year. I am also studying computer science for the purpose of finding a better paying job than the one I have right now. So if I were to get one, I would very well be able to afford what is being asked of this venture.
  4. My parents have pondered, and I have tried to press the prospect, of renting out some of our property. I would be willing to give up my room and rent it out to someone if it would bring in some income. And I would be willing to fix up the other property a little bit in order to make it livable for someone paying rent at a decent rate. The problem I have right now is it seems like my parents don’t want to take the step to make those a reality. They have too much personally invested in possessions at our one property, and because of my mom‘s experience as a litigator, she is fearful of what she may be liable for as a landlord.
I love my family, I was there to save my dad when he had a cardiac arrest. And I have taken time out of my schedule and my free time to be home with mom so that she can be taken care of for some of the heavier jobs; going to the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, breakfast and coffee and other meals. And if there was a major emergency I would not hesitate at the drop of a pin to be there to do whatever I could, as I have done in the past.
But on a more personal note, I also feel like what my dad is trying to propose May end up robbing me of the independence I am trying to achieve as an adult. And the severity of which he’s presented the problem seems both financially and emotionally manipulative.
I have been trying since I was 23 years old to branch out and live independently. I have tried going into the US Army and serving my country, only to One day be so unhealthy from service that I could no longer hack the standards. I tried becoming an independent opera singer, and branching out so that I could work as a represented artist for a prevailing wage in both the American and German markets, only to be rejected by companies and agencies for a number of arbitrary reasons. I’ve been trying as of late to earn certifications for computer science in languages like C++ and python, and with skills like SQL and web frames for python, only to find that there are a number of other requisites which just don’t come up in a standard beginner course, most of those which seem to advertise that as soon as you understand the language you can get a job. I am currently applying to the University of advancing technology to build up some skills in C++ as well as in fields like game design and virtual reality which are some things that interest me outside of music, but I am worried that I might not have enough financial aid offered to avoid taking out another loan on top of the one I am already paying.
I’ve currently asked one of my managers for resources for financial aid, and he has said he is going to get back to me with ones which help pay for facilities like bills and such. And I am going to ask some of the counselors I speak with at the VA about sources of financial aid I can tap into to help my parents.
Most of what needs to be done that is being asked I am perfectly capable of doing if what my father is asking for seems reasonable enough. If it seems like a good thing that isn’t going to do any real damage to me, And there isn’t any argument I can stand on against it, I am willing to make such a financial contribution. But sometimes I feel like whenever I have tried to be independent, or else I have tried to improve my own personal economy, the actions of others have always seemed to be what got in the way. If my command in the army had been more supportive of my desire to go OCS, I would’ve received a better paycheck. If the opera companies I had applied for had excepted me, even on condition of joining either Actors equity or AGMA, or if the agencies I had applied for had taken me on as a client, I would’ve been able to pursue my own career interests without being exploited, and without people suggesting I should just do what I have trained for 20 years to do as a hobby. I don’t think it is fair to suggest that I am being childish for other peoples decisions to affect my life. I don’t think it is fair to say that I have a wrong mindset when it could not have impacted anyone’s decisions to be a detriment to my pursuits. I don’t think it is right or that it is fair to suggest that people who don’t work to be independent and able to pursue their dreams aren’t entitled to at least a little bit of GiveBack from the people they need to make those dreams a reality.
I also don’t think that either whatever I might suggest as an alternative, or that whatever opposition to this I have, should be infantilized either by my parents or by anyone else responding. I was born with autism, I grew up in a time when the “spectrum“ was not talked about or considered, where you were either normal or you weren’t and that put you in a place of more or less social standing. I grew up with this establishment, and I spent the majority of my growing years hiding the fact that I was autistic and pretending I was normal. I am not as smart on many topics as others. But that does not mean I am incapable of getting a sense of being manipulated. As understandable as it is, I get the feeling that my dad‘s proposal seems manipulative of my personal economy, and I feel like I am being wedged into this situation, without the ability of anyone else in the family to consider what I have to say or think or propose, primarily because of my autism. Given that I have tried to branch out and be independent, as my dad did when he was 18 under different circumstances, I don’t think He or anyone else has the right to tell me that doing so could be wrong.
But at this point I feel like I’m going to have to make a decision to push my family away and leave, without any sort of protection for myself in the event my next ventures will be a bust and leave me homeless. And mainly because whenever I have asked for help on anything, I have always been met with opposition or apathy or passing condolences. I understand how people might feel like a little bit of their autonomy is lost if they offer to help and that can make them uncomfortable. But right now someone else is asking me for help, and I am not chickening out, not without asking for help from others.
What exactly should I do? What exact steps should I take?
Note: I appreciate whatever serious and solid advice anyone can suggest, but please refrain from providing general encouragement answers that do not lead to anything specific as a resource. I understand you might not have those specific answers, and while I appreciate any encouragement you might want to give, right now mentally I am only open to processing any sort of solid resources out there. I really don’t need any general answers like “it’s your choice“ or “sometimes you just have to take a risk“. If you have the name of an organization who will help equivocally if called upon, by all means, I will consider that helpful. If you know somebody who can help us either cancel our debt or can tell us if we are being robbed blind in someway, I would appreciate it. But if all you have is sympathies and condolences and encouragements, please understand that my asking you not to respond with them is not meant to seem unappreciative of them; I fully understand that you mean well, and I am grateful that you mean well, but right now meaning well will not help my family or myself.
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2022.01.23 13:15 auser24 Fiquem longe da Binance se não quiserem perder seu dinheiro (2)

No outro tópico que fiz a respeito fui (justamente) criticado porque "todo mundo usa a Binance e funciona, só pra você não funciona". É verdade que eu só trouxe meu caso anedótico, então trago algo mais concreto dessa vez:

Como relatei no outro tópico, se você abriu conta antes do KYC e tem valores depositados, boa sorte, porque parece ser na base da sorte mesmo ter o KYC aprovado, do contrário seu dinheiro fica trancado com a exchange. Se você conseguiu passar no KYC e seu 2FA funciona parabéns, mas fique esperto porque no próximo sistema que a Binance implementar vai ser você que vai ficar preso e essa é uma exchange que está pouco se lixando para os clientes. Não confie seu dinheiro a ela.
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2022.01.23 13:15 AllegraVanWart Finger swelling/ redness/lumps

Just wondering: has anyone else experienced swelling/ redness/lumps in their hands? I (F47) seem to have had this in an ongoing fashion since June. Sometimes both hands, sometimes just one.
I’ve had sudden onset of daily facial flushing and this hand swelling/ redness since June. I’ve seen 6 GPs, 7 derms, rheum (two different ones), Allergy/ Immunology, Neuro, Endo, Vascular, Thoracic Hematology and GYN. Tests have included exhaustive bloodwork (rheum took 16 vials alone), pelvic/abd/chest CT with contrast (normal), hand X-rays and para nasal/ head X-rays, Pap and Mammogram (normal).
General opinion is that after approx $100k of medical visits and tests, since there’s apparently nothing medically wrong with me + my age, it must be…[drumroll] peri!🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
But still curious about the hands, ha!
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