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2022.01.23 11:35 BeeBop1983 Kitten Opinion Question

Thanks to anyone who reads this. I plan on talking with my vet and the organization I adopted him from but I really need some feedback.
I have two lovely senior ladies (11 years old) who have never been a part. There was one time when one had to stay at the vet and the other was distraught the entire time. This inevitably caused me to think how terrible it will be when one passes. I decided it would be best to adopt a kitten so they can get used to him together and essentially, never be alone. My vet advised to get a male kitten because they are less territorial and more laidback.
I found a local cat rescue organization who I really like. And it turns out they had recently saved a whole group of cats from a hoarder - including two male kittens. I did not go meet them with the intention of adopting both but they were very sweet together and seemed to have bonded.
I had a two month introduction period with my cats. The kittens have their own room and I started with a screen so my cats could see them, did lots of item exchanges so they could smell each-other and then limited amounts of time in the house together. They are fed separately and do not share a litter with my older cats.
Fast forward four months later - here we are. One of the kittens has assimilated really well. My cats seem curious with him and tolerate him(lol- hoping they will learn to love him). The other kitten is a terror to them. He jumps on them, chases them around the house, does not seem to care when they hiss or growl at him. He will harass them constantly. My cats hiss automatically now when he’s in the same room as them. I’ve purchased feliway diffusers for almost every room in the house. The cats have tons of toys, space (we have a big house), multiple cat trees, tunnels etc - there is no lack of stimulation. I did this for my older cats and I’m starting to worry he will always terrorize them. Im considering bringing him back to the rescue organization while he’s still a kitten … this decision is killing me. It’s his little life in my hands but I want my cats to be happy and comfortable in their home. Not only that - he gets into everything he’s not supposed to so he has to be monitored when they’re out in the house and four months in they still have to stay in their room at various points throughout the day to give me and the cats a break. I wouldn’t have to do that with the other kitten. He’s very well behaved. I’m also obviously very worried that the other kitten will be sad without him. Sigh. I feel stuck. Help.
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2022.01.23 11:35 Ryjok_Heknik Coimc of 1609th 5moyd

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2022.01.23 11:35 pink-SadClouds the interior of these melodies / is perhaps what we're meant to be / our physical union, a fantasy / i just fell in love with a song

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2022.01.23 11:35 FreeckyCake Ape Escape (DualShock) TV Commercial - 1999

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2022.01.23 11:35 grimn3s Covid like symptoms but keep testing negative

So I went to a family reunion last Saturday and I was completely healthy from Saturday-Monday. Tuesday night I had a bit of an itchy throat and then Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and face pains like my jaw was sore. Thursday I got headaches and muscle aches but I was also congested im still like this today (Sunday). I tested negative 2x this week but found yesterday that my uncle tested positive on Sunday after the party on Saturday then tested negative 2 days ago. I did have contact with him on Saturday but I just think it’s so weird that I’m still testing negative. I did find a sore in my mouth which I never get but have before when I was sick with the flu but my doctors said it’s not the flu it’s something else. (I am fully Vax w booster and flu shot). Should I go to another doctor and see if I can get different results?
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2022.01.23 11:35 crytoloover Minar TonCoin en windows 10/11 Super Facil!!!

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2022.01.23 11:35 vegasbm Defending Champions Algeria Knocked Out of AFCON 2021

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2022.01.23 11:35 A_Howl_In_The_Night [NO SPOILERS] Confession. - Fanart by Deadlilmoon.

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2022.01.23 11:35 vv_fit Help me pick an exercise

Hey everyone, I need some advice for my push day workout. I do 2 push workouts per week, I've been trying deep ring push ups - half pelican push ups, however I realised I'm not strong enough yet, it was really hard to pull with my biceps from the deep position.
I want to replace it with either pseudo planche push up, RTO push up or just a deep push up without turning the rings at the bottom. The push routine that I would do this exercise in is this:
Ring Muscle Up
Ring Dips
Elevated Pike Push Ups
PPP/RTO Push Ups/Deep Push Ups
Ring Flyes
Deep Ring Tricep Extentions
RTO Holds
I would use the exercise in the 5-8 rep range, so a blend between strength and hypertrophy.
I know that PPP are mainly shoulder focused, I like that they can be progressed easily be leaning further forward and eventually working towards the planche.
I like the RTO for the added intensity and the fact that it targets the upper chest well, however when I tried them before I got a bad forearm pain, if anyone has any tips on that please share.
The deep push up is nice because of the stretch you get and eventually training towards the pelican push up.
So please help me which one will fit best in my routine, if you have any other exercises that could fit instead, let me know.
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2022.01.23 11:35 ShutUpToby1 Stupid sketch but Forte is playing a character with some heavy Pres influences here

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2022.01.23 11:35 blink0r Is Fleetwood Mac's Rumours the best sounding album (production wise) of all time?

Sorry if this has been discussed a ton, or if it's an obvious answer... I don't come here often lol.
I'm currently listening to the Rumours album and I'm still blown away by how sonically perfect it is. And it got me to thinking, is it widely regarded as the best sounding album ever?
The drum sound, the clarity and blend of the vocal harmonies, the driving bass lines. Every single instrument is perfectly recorded and blended. There is nothing that's being hidden and you can pick out and listen to any instrument on any song.
The other album that comes to mind is Michael Jackson's Thriller, but I still wouldn't put it above Rumours in terms of production quality.
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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2022.01.23 11:35 PandaTampa Just got this barefoot from David Austin. Is the number of thorns normal or does the plant have a virus?

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2022.01.23 11:35 Storiedlight39 Anyone else having issues with pick paths and exception paths duplicating?

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2022.01.23 11:35 amnesiamei VENT / trying my best not to relapse

tfw u have to dye your hair black to avoid hurting yourself again......

yeah we are making do with what we got
which is... barely enough to avoid a relapse

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2022.01.23 11:35 jackedhardwarejunkie [CA-MB] [H] E7-V2 SE (Lilac), GMK Taro R2, Artisans [W] PayPal/Trades

E7-V2 SE Lilac
GMK Taro Base Kit R2

Have Want
E7-V2 SE Lilac Kit (1 BNIB PCB, 1 Desoldered (both tested), 1 FR4 plate 1 Alu Plate, Case foam, Plate foam) 850USD/Trades
GMK Taro R2 (BNIB, never mounted) 325USD/Trades
1 : Fraktal Caps Lilac Daydream Mortem 60USD/Trades
2 : Artzei Caps Barney Sumkey 70USD/Trades
3 : Lividity Caps Carbon-14 Shriek 135USD/Trades
4 : 404 Artisans INKM 80USD/Trades
5 : Bludgeoned Kaps Kevin in the Devastate CW 100USD/Trades
6 : Lividity Caps Totoro Shriek 145USD/Trades
7 : Blank Works Tiffany Mooing 145USD/Trades
8 : 2TCraft Sink Keycap 40USD/Trades
Prices include shipping/fees to Canada/USA if INTL we will have to figure out the difference.
Mainly looking for Bro Caps BOBA BOT
Interested in purple, BroCaps/GAF/KWK/Clacks/Booper etc
Also looking for Bro HFO/Taro/Any Bots/LP, Purple Cosmo/Keywok/Ameila
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2022.01.23 11:35 Gardenia_Doll Gamers: What’s the best boarding game and why?

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2022.01.23 11:35 SoilScared My simping a** can't handle this anymore

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2022.01.23 11:35 Decider3443 Me and my friend looking for a squad

Me Andy friend are looking for an active squad that's also plays mcl. Am currently in epic 2 (highest is epic 1) My friend Is legend 5 highest and epic 1 currently We both teamed and won yesterday's mcl But it was my first match in mcl so I free entrance ticket To get more entrance ticket I either have to get them from celestial chests or squad active pts rewards. But I am not yet in celestial lvl so that's the main reason I want a squad
Btw if your wondering I main lesley and xborg (I also played a lot of yin but I am not that good with him in side lanes only hyper) And friend plays a lot of heroes,currently he is playing estes (he got a 7 win streak with estes in ranked with randoms that's how he got into legend) He is also plays ghatkocha(ik it's wrong spelling) He used to main granger but he doesn't play him much anymore. He also practicing harith in classic.
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2022.01.23 11:35 Last_Relationship328 Hey ich suche einen gehorsamen skla ven bei interesse pm an mich.

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2022.01.23 11:35 Substantial-Salad119 I don‘t think they tried

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2022.01.23 11:35 schwendie Manchester Center - Uber / Lyft availability?

I am going to a wedding in February, its on a Saturday. Wondering what the ubeLyft availability is like in the area and whether I can depend on it or not. We would be looking to uber around manchester center from around 3pm to 11pm
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2022.01.23 11:35 Jazzy_Junebug Freezer from Silent Hill costs almost as much as a new one

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2022.01.23 11:35 Interesting_Worth_68 Where should Amad Diallo go out on loan?

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2022.01.23 11:35 Naive-Ad-7872 Malika Sherawat

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